Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's talk lint and saving money!

Does your dryer lint tray look like this?
If not you'll be surprised the "why" it should!

Let's talk lint! Here are some handy tips not only to SAVE you money, but will keep your dryer working more efficiently.

AND who's not about saving money today?

NOTE: The dryer lint tray pictured is my own. It's over 2 years old, and still looks new.

Try this test:
  1. Remove your dryer lint tray.
  2. Can you see through it?
  3. Is it coated with a sticky film?
  4. Do you clean it EVERY time you dry a load of clothes, etc.?
It's amazing how many people don't realize such a simple task can save money- and lots of it!

Problem: Can't see through the lint tray- even though you've cleaned it?
If you can't see through your lint tray- even after you've cleaned the lint off- it's "over loaded" with fabric softener gunk.
Solution: Using a natural laundry soap that states NO fabric softener needed will help eliminate this "over load" of fabric softener gunk. Fabric softener ingredients do soften clothing, blankets, towels, etc.. but also leave a "coating" on everything. In time this coating not only remains on everything you dry, but builds up a sticky coating on your dryer lint tray.

Not cleaning your lint tray after every dryer use?
Think again! Every time you leave lint in your dryer lint tray, your dryer has to work harder- which costs you money! Sometimes I pause the dryer and clean out the lint tray several times- if needed. Simple. Easy. Saves money.

Under the Willow, LLC sells Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap- All temperatures, NO fabric softener needed, HE friendly. Scents: Cambridge Rum or Lavender Grace.

What to make your own laundry soap? It may be easier than you think. There are lots of recipes out there, but I think this one from DIY is the easiest I've seen for any beginner. Give it a try- and if you do-let me know!

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