Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fun way to do wash this holiday!

Look who I found hugging our newest scented natural laundry soap....

Under the Willow, LLC 

Is there a fun way to do wash? Yes! We've had many people comment that the "fragrances" of our Whispering Willow Laundry Soaps actually make this chore--a little bit less of a chore!

Our newest fragrance for this holiday season and right through the winter season is:

Mistletoe Mountain
(Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap)

Scent decription: Crisp apples, balsam & pine

Offered at an introductory price: 
12.95 reg. 14.85
2 for 25.00
Refill option: 10.95 
(Already have a container? This is a great option for you!)

Product Description:
-1.28 lb. (581g)
-All temperatures
-He friendly
-NO fabric softener needed. Ever.
-Scoop included
-One scoop for medium load, two for larger loads
-All natural, NO detergents, NO chemicals
-Little or NO suds (Not a detergent with foaming additives!)
-Natural laundry soap tucked inside a muslin bag
-Refill option- Natural laundry soap tucked inside a plain jane bag with instructions

Please visit our shop Under the Willow, LLC for shopping!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Don't forget to wash your dog toys!

Dog toys need to be washed too!

So easy to forget, but dog toys needed to be washed, just like their bedding, etc. 

Easy tips:
-Use a laundry netting bag to keep all toys together
-Don't ever use any fabric softener
-Hang dry
-Make sure all tears, etc. are sewn before washing
-Any temperature will do! Just get those toys washed!

LOVE to hang dry- weather permitting!

Our lab Bella is checking out the "goods". I think she approves of a clean wash!

A night on the water....

And don't forget to enter a giveaway of Whispering Willow Laundry Soap or Cottage & Castle Natural Household Cleaner! Go here: Raising Our Own

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We have a winner (s)!

A little something to put under the tree for yourself!

Thank you to Monica with Soapsudations and Tabitha with Kludingbear for entering the Under the Willow giveaway! Please send me your address so I can get your giveaway gift mailed.

I appreciate that each of you took the time to comment and enter AND since there were only two of you who entered- I am happy to send both of you a giveaway gift!

I hope you enjoy your goodies. Happy Holidays!