Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fun way to do wash this holiday!

Look who I found hugging our newest scented natural laundry soap....

Under the Willow, LLC 

Is there a fun way to do wash? Yes! We've had many people comment that the "fragrances" of our Whispering Willow Laundry Soaps actually make this chore--a little bit less of a chore!

Our newest fragrance for this holiday season and right through the winter season is:

Mistletoe Mountain
(Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap)

Scent decription: Crisp apples, balsam & pine

Offered at an introductory price: 
12.95 reg. 14.85
2 for 25.00
Refill option: 10.95 
(Already have a container? This is a great option for you!)

Product Description:
-1.28 lb. (581g)
-All temperatures
-He friendly
-NO fabric softener needed. Ever.
-Scoop included
-One scoop for medium load, two for larger loads
-All natural, NO detergents, NO chemicals
-Little or NO suds (Not a detergent with foaming additives!)
-Natural laundry soap tucked inside a muslin bag
-Refill option- Natural laundry soap tucked inside a plain jane bag with instructions

Please visit our shop Under the Willow, LLC for shopping!


  1. Great picture! Certainly a wonderful way to promote the soap for the holiday season.